TEN Broadcasting provides a multitude of other specialty television services. Our Video-On-Demand (VOD) and Subscription-Video-On-Demand (SVOD) service has become a must have by consumers. We were the pioneers in providing adult content on VOD and bringing an SVOD product to millions of adult customers.

All of the top selling movies on VOD systems in Canada are available from TEN Broadcasting. With a wide array of top-selling niches and an extensive list of well-respected studios to choose from, we have what your customers are missing and wanting.  Our staff of trained experts in video production will ensure all your requirements are met, TEN Broadcasting is the obvious choice for all your authorized, licensed VOD needs. We are also a lot less problematic to deal with than other providers because we understand how to encode and deliver the products based on your needs for your systems along with the correct Metadata files. When dealing with us for any of these needs you will enjoy that we are consistently accurate in what we do and can be relied on to deliver products to you on time and with no errors whatsoever.

All of the movies TEN Broadcasting provides are fully licensed and CRTC approved for broadcast in Canada. Unlike some other companies, we also have the right to represent content we produce. Eliminate problems entirely by working with TEN Broadcasting and discover why dealing with us saves on all the headaches with technical encoding and delivery issues to create the best adult experience to your consumers.