Press Releases

Ottawa, June 2013 – Skinemax HD channel launched in late June 2013 on Shaw Direct, marking the first Canadian pornographic television channel to launch in HD.

Ottawa, April 2013 – Acquired HARDtv and rebranded to Playmen TV to create a 24 hour all gay adult channel.

Ottawa, October 2009 – TEN chooses Los Angeles as location to expand movie production and acquisition office.

Ottawa, September 2009 - TEN announces carriage on a top US MSO. TEN launches additional VOD and PPV in the USA on a top MSO through its US distribution arm.

Ottawa, September 2009 - TEN announces PENTHOUSE on Shaw Direct and Rogers. The new channel, previously launched on Shaw Cable is now distributed across Canada on Shaw Direct – formerly StarChoice TV and Rogers Digital Cable. Additonal system distribution in Canada is being rolled out as well.

Los Angeles, May 2009 - TEN announces agreement with PENTHOUSE to create a PENTHOUSE channel for carriage in Canada. Shaw Cable carries new channel.

Las Vegas, January 2007 - TEN Expands RED HOT TV VOD into the USA. Ten announces agreement to have its VOD products carried in the USA to VOD distributions systems.

Ottawa, August 2006 - Ten Turns on Shaw - Ten Broadcasting announced today that Shaw Cable has begun carrying and distributing Red HOT TV. This channel is now available along with Hustler TV on all of Shaw’s cable systems.

Ottawa, August 2006 Ten Turns on Canada’s first Adult HD - Ten Broadcasting announced today it is turning on Canada’s first 1080i High Definition broadcast of its top-branded adult program channels namely Hustler TV and Red Light District TV for those systems interested in carrying Canada’s first 24/7 adult broadcast channels.

Ottawa, April 2006 - Ten turns on Red Light nationally - Hustler TV operator Ten Broadcasting announced today that its Red Light District TV channel will be available across Canada on April 27th.

The channel is available with Hustler TV via Cancom and on the HITS QT platform.

Until now, Red Light had only been available on the Rogers cable network and has been available as a VOD product in cable systems across the U.S. or as individual programs on some U.S. satellite distributed channels.
“We will now be able to offer our two channels, Hustler TV and Red Light District TV, in bundles to system operators in Canada,” said Stuart Duncan, CEO, in a release.
“This should help them to more easily compete with U.S. satellite systems one still sees dotting the landscape. Top name brand adult programming like ours is still one of the best ways an operator can satisfy and retain customers and provide a healthy shot of revenue to their bottom line. No-name doesn’t work. We have proven brands and the strongest brands available in the adult marketplace. The fact that we have better adult programming choices in Canada than are available in the U.S. should not hurt operators either.”

Atlanta, April 2006 - TEN Broadcasting will be representing inside the Hustler TV booth, number 737, at the 2006 NCTA show in Atlanta from April 8 to April 13. We invite all Canadian distribution partners to see us at the show and we look forward to seeing you all in Atlanta.

Ottawa, September 2005 - TEN Broadcasting announces the Canada wide launch of One Night in Paris starring Paris Hilton on VOD. One Night in China with WWF women’s wrestling phenomenon launches with One Night in Paris. “It is expected to do well for our distribution systems because it was the best selling video worldwide in 2004, a lot of people have not seen it yet and basically it is a must see in the adult genre” stated Stuart Duncan, CEO of TEN Broadcasting.

Ottawa, March, 2005 - The Company announces the launch of Vixen Entertainment Group and Sex Machine Studios DVD product lines, clothing lines and wireless content distribution portfolio. The studios will oversee the production of all adult film and the companies other adult television productions.

Ottawa, February, 2005 - The company announces the completion of its two year project to digitize its complete library of over 12,000 adult movie titles and adult programs. These films are now available to all programming partners for distribution.

Ottawa, January, 2005 - TEN Broadcasting completes the launch of Red HOT TV.

Ottawa, September, 2004 - The CRTC announces that TEN Broadcasting is awarded 4 additional adult channel licenses.

Ottawa, March 20, 2004 - Canadian Cable Systems Alliance announce completion of Five Year Master Affiliate Agreement for the distribution of Red HOT TV and Hustler TV.

Ottawa, March 20, 2004 - TEN Broadcasting Inc. announces monthly VOD package and platform for cable systems across Canada.

Ottawa, March 15, 2004 - Hustler and Red HOT TV launch on cable systems in province of Quebec.

Ottawa, December 1, 2003 - Red HOT TV launches on Rogers cable systems across Canada.

Ottawa, October 28, 2003 - Rogers Cable Inc. today announced that the Hustler TV would be among the dozen new digital and HDTV channels being launched today. No carriage announcement yet for Red HOT TV on Rogers.

Ottawa, July, 2003 - Launched in early July 2003, Hustler TV is Canada’s first and only 24-hour subscription specialty service dedicated to offering explicit adult material. Programming includes more big names, more premieres and hot adult action like you would expect from Hustler – uncut and uncensored.

All programming goes through a rigorous vetting process in addition to Film Revue Board approvals, to ensure that we achieve the highest quality in adult content allowed under Canadian law.

Satellite operator Shaw Direct, a division of Shaw Communications Inc. began offering the service in July 2003 for $19.99 per month.

Canada’s biggest cable operator, Rogers Communications Inc. is also negotiating for the rights to offer both of the company’s channels to it’s subscribers – namely Hustler TV and RED HOT TV.

Ottawa, June, 2003 - TEN has entered into an agreement with LFP effective June 7th, to rename one of the TEN channels, “Hustler TV”. This channel is being prepared for carriage this summer pursuant to carriage agreements already negotiated.

Ottawa, November, 2002 - TEN is awarded Canada’s first explicit French language adult channel license for distribution to Canadian cable and Canadian DTH satellite providers. Company works to launch Red HOT TV.

Ottawa, July, 2001 - TEN Broadcasting Inc. (X), whose licenses for two contemporary adult channels were approved by the CRTC late last year, will launch its channels this fall. The company has chosen cable friendly Motorola Digicipher II equipment to compress and encode its services for safe, secure satellite delivery to the Cable, Wireless and Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite markets.