Penthouse TV


Penthouse TV is a Canadian 24-hour subscription specialty adult channel. It features the widest selection of choice adult movies from the world’s leading studios and producers, including a constant stream of exclusive Canadian content produced by our own studios.

Penthouse TV consistently features the world’s best-selling programming and features the world’s top contemporary adult producers who compete with Exxxtasy and carry programming featuring the best Canadian superstars and directors. Penthouse TV is a perfect complement to Exxxtasy TV, because it features couples-oriented programming as an alternative to Exxxtasy TV’s very explicit experience. It is ideal for couples who want to watch relaxed but explicit adult fare as they explore their own intimacy.

How different is Penthouse TV from other networks? All movies shown on Penthouse TV are features or full-length productions. No low quality, low budget productions get a pass onto our channel – period.

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